Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm a Team Leader!

I work on the fall orientation staff at my college. We're called "Team Leaders". As it consumes my life for two weeks, it really is worth it when I meet my group and make an impression on even just a few of the students.

I'll be back to normal when classes start :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

a little update

Wow it's been a week since I've posted!

I think that's the longest it's been. I've been super busy and wrapped up in a bunch of things, I just haven't had the time.

Last week at work was busy and went fast. I do most of my blogging during my free time at work so that's mostly why it suffered.

I've also been such a baby about the heat and not much. I did some scrapbooking though! I did a two page spread for my mom's book and did one page for me and Ben's. I also bought this date Smash Stamp from K&Company at Blick this weekend and some Mod Podge gloss from Blick art stores.

I also bought this Canon photo printer on Amazon! I figured it'd be a good investment. It's wireless, I could download an App to sync and print pictures from my iPhone. Ben has a really good camera and we could finally print photos from it. It got good reviews and it was pretty cheap! And I got free shipping on it. I think it's worth it. Plus, if I really want to scrapbook and document and Project Life, a photo printer was necessary.

Ben and I have been going out to eat a lot lately! We went to Fire and Ice with some friends Thursday night.

Hahaha FAIL.

Fire and Ice with Chris, Mike, and Ben

My food before it was cooked

On the grill!

Ben and I went to the Franklin Park Zoo on Saturday

Ben entering the butterfly house!

The butterflies they had

Waiting to be beauuutiful butterflies

Tree kangaroo!

and we spent the day in his hometown yesterday!

Adam and the horses

Feeding the horse!!

Flowers I got from the farm :)

I had a really great weekend. Especially spending so much time outside.


1. Selfie :p
2. Work laptop
3. Free desserts in our new cafeteria
4. Lots of free food from our new cafeteria
5. Spoiling myself a little with some shopping
6. Fire and Ice
7. Hemp lip balm
8. Roxbury Crossing
9. Shells from the Cape
10. Black and Mild filtered tip
11. Project Runway on Hulu
12. The butterfly room
13. Pizza with Benjamin
14. Tasty Burger
15. Franklin Park Zoo
16. Ben's FJ
17. Sunflowers
18. Gladiola
19. Rainbow
20. Funny carrots
21. Feeding the horses

Monday, August 6, 2012

This weekend

Wellllll. I didn't do everything I wanted. Surprise! Haha. I realllly didn't do anything I wanted.

Ben and I spent most of the day out together in Cambridge on Saturday. It was so hot inside the apartment when we got back, it totally sucked out any motivation I had to do any crafts. Mostly because Ben's room has the AC pumping. To sit in my room and do my little projects while his room is ice cold and mine is a sweat box is reallly hard. I'm a baby when it comes to being hot. The only time I could stand being deathly hot is when I am on the beach in a bathing suit. Haha

So we relaxed and watched a movie together and ordered in and bonded. We went to bed kinda early and slept in Sunday. We spent the day hanging at the house and cleaning because Alex was moving in. I rearrange the entire pantry and cleaned out the fridge. I mopped the entire house. Everything was all set for Alex to move in. Then Ben and I spent the evening with him.

So it's never like I don't do anything... I just had more important things to take care of. How embarrassing would it be if Alex moved in and he couldn't put one thing of his in the cabinets or refrigerator or if he had to move into a dirty room? I know he's a guy and doesn't think that way, but I really would of felt guilty if I didn't do those things for him.

I decided against the What I Wore posts. I just wasn't confident about them. I think that this is something I'll have to do with Ben and have him take my pictures. I think I may wait until classes start to do this also. We'll see. It's something I really really want to do, just don't know how to go about it yet.

My pictures from PostalPix came, yay! It's amazing to compare the photos taken with my iPhone 4 and the 4S. I printed some pictures that I took with my regular iPhone 4 and they just look so bad compared to the more recent ones I've taken with my 4S. It's crazy! The 4S is so great, I can't believe the 5 is coming out in the fall. What the hell is it gonna do that's different?!! We'll see I guess!

I didn't make dinner a second time or read any of Lolita. Ugh. fail.

Project Life core kits and binders still aren't up.

I'm waiting for my Umba Box to come this week.

Good news is, I got so much down time and relaxing in this weekend that I feel great. No going home all tired and lazy this week! Next Friday is my last day of Co-op so I'm gonna make it count :)

Well that's today!
Hopefully some project posts up soon :)



Here are my photos from the last two weeks on my Instagram. I've been a slacker and there aren't too many, but here we go! :)

1. Tazo Chai tea latte made at home!
2. Institutional Researchers poster my boss hung up
3. Peanut shells
4. Peanuts!
5. Cup of noodles, my guilty pleasure :)
6. Sam and Dan from Sam's graduation
7. My sister and I from our vacation last summer
8. Ben catching butterflies
9. Shadow
10. Ben's kitty Lenny sleeping in my hamper :)
11. Pineapples growing in the Prudential Center!
12. Homemade dinner. Broccoli Cheddar soup baked with rice and chicken. It was eh.
13. My pretty new Vera
14. Wentworth crosswalk
15. Lucky shorts!
16. A house up the street I love
17. Ben's insects
18. I LOVE THESE! Ah, strawberry Pocky sticks! :)