Monday, August 6, 2012


Here are my photos from the last two weeks on my Instagram. I've been a slacker and there aren't too many, but here we go! :)

1. Tazo Chai tea latte made at home!
2. Institutional Researchers poster my boss hung up
3. Peanut shells
4. Peanuts!
5. Cup of noodles, my guilty pleasure :)
6. Sam and Dan from Sam's graduation
7. My sister and I from our vacation last summer
8. Ben catching butterflies
9. Shadow
10. Ben's kitty Lenny sleeping in my hamper :)
11. Pineapples growing in the Prudential Center!
12. Homemade dinner. Broccoli Cheddar soup baked with rice and chicken. It was eh.
13. My pretty new Vera
14. Wentworth crosswalk
15. Lucky shorts!
16. A house up the street I love
17. Ben's insects
18. I LOVE THESE! Ah, strawberry Pocky sticks! :)

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