Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I sewed for a couple hours last night!
I also get out of work early today, so I could sew right when I get home! Yay!

I was working on the first lesson on the D.I.Y. Dress Up E-Course by Red Velvet via A Beautiful Mess blog (if you would like to purchase this, hurry! it's only available for sale until July 31st!) which was making bows. My sister LOVES hair bows and I'll be making plenty of those out off all the scrap fabric I have that Laurie gave me. I'll be filling all the empty spaces in her gift box with them :) I want to make them until the stitches look perfect and they look like they came from the store. I'll post pictures of the finished products, but can't post a how-to, sorry! You'll have to purchase the course :)

After I perfect the bow, I'm going to make another wrap skirt for my sister's package. I'll be posting a how-to for that, though! It's a perfect little skirt for the summer or for a beach cover up. Can't wait for that!

As for my goals from the beginning of the week.. they're coming along. It's hard to accomplish these goals day to day because of my work schedule. I feel that once I'm back in classes in the fall I'll be way more on top of things. I also want to start a Project Life scrap book come Fall. I figured I'll make a scrap book or two for the summer and then start a Project Life book when the seasons change. That way I can document my entire Junior year and hopefully continue to my Senior year. Besides sewing, something major I want to do is take more pictures and document more of my life.

..well, me and Benjamin's life. I want to look at something when we're older. See us back when we were young, before we make any big crazy decisions, when things were simple. I also want to have something for our kids to see. With losing my father at a young age, and my mom barely keeping any photos past when my sister and I were 2 and 3, I wish I had more to look at and remember him by. I wish I could see more photos of me growing up. So I want to start the habit now. So I could remember how Benjamin and I grew up together as adults, our firsts, our love.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Food Dehydrator!

One of my favorite things about the summer time is all the fresh fruit! Mmmm. Nothing better.

Though, as much as I love fruit, it could be such a pain to eat it. I like my fruit cut up, so I almost never take the time to that. I always make a mess with eating/cutting, so I usually only eat fruit just at home. I also hate buying it because I always forget about food and then it goes bad and I waste money. So I just stayed away from fruit.

But then... my sister, Sam, and her boyfriend, Dan, visited with BAGS full of dehydrated fruit. They told me Dan's Mom bought a dehydrator and it's their new obsession. They brought us different kinds of apples, bananas, beef jerky, and a bag of assorted left over fruit they wanted us to try. I fell in love. I also ate both bags of fruit in two days. Ben hid the beef jerky from me so we could save it and snack on it throughout the week, haha. But I couldn't resist with buying one from Amazon.

Best 35 dollars I ever spent.

The best part is, there is no right way to dehydrate. It's all preference. Apples are probably me and Ben's favorite. We experimented with leaving them in for different times (we like to leave apples in until they're crispy like apple chips, but I like mangos and bananas a little softer so I take them out a little sooner than the recommended time), different preserves (they suggest putting an acid on the fruit to prevent browning, like pineapple juice on bananas and apples to keep them fresh looking, but it's all preference), skin or no skin, putting cinnamon on the apples, and even just cutting the fruit in different ways.

But prepared to be listening to a fan, A LOT. Dehydrating isn't an hour process. You need to cut your fruit, prepare how you like, record when you put them in and make a note to check it at the recommended time (the dehydrator comes with a booklet of recipes and directions and suggestions). I've gotten up at 3 AM to check on my fruit because I accidentally put them in at time it'd be inconvenient to check them. Usually I do all my drying on the weekends because it's when I'm most available. Time is the biggest challenge. Trust me, you get pretty bent out of shape when you spend hours preparing/waiting for your fruit and you over dry it and it's leathery :(

Here are some pictures to see! Enjoy!

When I first got my dehydrator, yay!

Mangos and Kiwis

Dehydrated mango, kiwi, and apples

Apples! Taken via Instagram

Strawberries and blueberries. Taken via Instagram

Strawberries and blueberries added to my organic red berry cereal :) Delish! Edited with PicStitch and uploaded via Instagram

So now I get to buy fruit, dry it, and eat it before it goes bad. I seriously bring a baggy with me everywhere. I LOVE it. Saves the mess and no more worrying about it perishing :) Perfect snack! :)

Also, if you have some extra blueberries (I can't decide if they're worth it to dry or not, you have to blanch them and then wait like 12 hours for them to dry) throw them in the freezer! Eating them frozen is so good and addicting. Personally, I can't eat fruit if it has any bruises or isn't completely firm so them being frozen completely eliminates that problem! Seriously frozen blueberries are my obsession right now!

Taken via Instagram

I think I'll start documenting my fruit drying. This way I could keep a record for myself and let you know the best way to dry fruit/how different ways come out! The Dehydrator Series!

Hope I inspired someone to think about getting one :)

Take care!
xx V

Monday, June 25, 2012

Added to the Links page...

Check out the Strawberry Koi blog!!!

This lovely lady commented on one of my posts and I couldn't help but check out her site, and I instantly fell in love with her blog! I added her to my current reads under my links page.

It's a good one, you won't be disappointed! :)

*Note - Thank you, Aya, so much for commenting, it made my day! Also, thank you to whoever else who is actually checking this or reading this or if you just stumbled across my blog... I know all those page view aren't from me refreshing my page. Thank you :)


So I have some pictures from my day yesterday! I just have to upload them to my Mac. Once I get those all uploaded, I'll publish the post and you could see my little day on the farm.

But, an update! On Friday I made a post talking about some of my goals for the weekend. I didn't think I'd be as busy as I was so I kind of majorly slacked... I did think about them all weekend though. And thought about how I wasn't doing them... sigh.

  • Order pictures from PostalPix App   CHECK!
  • Go to fabric store and get some nice fabrics    CHECK!
  • Do at least three lessons from the D.I.Y. Dress Up E-Course TWICE! (the first couple lessons are really simple just to feel out the sewing machine and get the basics down. I want to do the projects twice so I could keep the first product for myself, then make a second one, hopefully better crafted,  for my sister. I'm sending her a birthday/care package to Hawaii soon!)    Ugh. Didn't do ANY. Like I said, I was really busy :(
  • Sketch some dress/skirt/tank designs in a sketch book    Well... I put the sketch book on my sewing table...
  • Think of 5 DIY Projects (I have three down so far!)      I thought of one more, making that four!
Okay, not that bad!!

Today, I'm going to try and do one or two lessons of the E-Course after I finish my trial-adjusted-children's-pattern-shirt. and that's after I get out of work at 5, and after I make dinner for Benjamin and I, and after I finish cleaning my room and then the living room so I could clean the bathroom and kitchen tomorrow.

Ah! Busy Busy. The first lessons in the course are so easy that I'm sure I'll bust them out easily once I'm in the groove. I NEED to finish those three things today, that way I could start fresh with new goals tomorrow.

Farm Life

I had such a good weekend! I was able to spend time with Benjamin, his family, and friends. His friend was having a graduation party so we were able to spend some time out of the city. Ben and I are both from small towns (his much much smaller than mine!) so we enjoy the getaway from the city. His friend's family has a farm so the graduation party was there. We celebrated, ate fresh fruit, enjoyed the beautiful weather and the simple life.

I can't believe Ben will be graduating this year and me the year after! Almost in the real world... but for now..



We took an ATV tour around the farm, so beautiful!
1. The farm
2. Benjamin standing in the bed of the ATV
3. Adam grabbed these flowers for me as we were driving :)
4. Going up the hill...
5. The top of the hill. Such an amazing view!
6. Going to the cows...
7. Loved how the just stared at us :) 

Caught frogs...

Saw some animals, the sheep were so fluffy :) Clearly they were my favorite. I didn't take any pictures of the cows, pigs, or chickens in their pens.. whoops! :P


and some of the fruit we had! They had trays of fresh fruit and then there were bushes all around the property of wild fruit. The first bush of blueberries we found weren't ready, but then when we found the ripe ones, we ate them all before I could snap some pictures. But I did get to pick cherries straight from the tree and bring them home :)

We got home so late I wasn't able to work on any of my projects :(

BUT! My room was in pieces and a complete disaster from all my new goodies that I cleaned and organized instead. Can't wait to post a picture of my space when I finish it all up :)

The Sewing Has Commenced!

Such a great weekend so far and it's not even over! I'm being productive and also spending quality time with friends and family.

So hmmm!!! What could this be?!?!

The sewing adventures have started! My little station is all set up in my room...

Thanks to Ben's Dad, Bruno, he got me a desk to set up my sewing machine (we only have high tables and chairs in our apartment for some reason) I can't wait to personalize this space and making it my own. I want to get a floor lamp so I can maximize the space on my desk. I also want to make a backboard so you don't see the white wall or wires behind. Yay! Summer Project right there! :)

I also got some fabrics! I absolutely fell in love with these two prints. I could of gone crazy with prints, but I also wanted a solid color to make everyday tanks and stuff like that... so my fabrics..

AHHH!!! the first fabric, the pink one, is going to be a pair of flow-y shorts and a summer dress. The mint green is to be tanks and other things and the last fabric is for a pair of a more fitted short. They're from the same pattern so if I could do one, I should be able to do the other.

I got a girl children's top and romper pattern for a dollar at the store. Laurie and I thought it would be good to read a pattern and adjust its size on something I don't care about. Thankfully I'm pretty small so we didn't have to adjust a child's size 6 that much (only had to add 2 1/4 inches to the width of the pattern) It's more of just a practice run I did on Laurie's old fabrics she doesn't need. She brought me a bag full of scraps to mess around like that and she also brought me a bunch of squares and fabrics to learn how to quilt and to try and make my own.

So far, it's frustrating. Once I get down the technique of holding the fabric, pinning, ironing and overall just how to handle the fabric, I feel like I'll be unstoppable with sewing. Right now I just take a lot of "breaks" because I get a little aggravated with myself when I just can't get a step right or when I just can't get the fabric to feel comfortable in my hands. But, every time I start on my new step and sew the next piece, it comes out better than the last. Sewing is the easy part. The hard part is everything else. I can't wait until it becomes natural to me so I can bust out some work.

Today Ben and I are going to a friend's graduation party. After that, it's sewing time! Hopefully I could get another post in today about my progress :)

Yay! Take Care.

xx V

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Little Inspiration....

Got this fortune at P.F. Chang's!!!

"Your creativity takes you to great heights"

Uh yes!!! Inspiration or what?! I got this and it just made me so happy. I have never felt creative or tried to be creative in my life. New chapter. This spoke to me.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sam's Gift Box

My baby sister's birthday is July 28th. She'll be 19! She'll also be in Hawaii for her birthday. She's not flying back until sometime in August (soso jealous!) but last time she was out there, she sent me a care package. By the time I got it, it was too late for me to make her one and send it out because by the time it got there, she'd be back home. Her boyfriend, Dan, will be receiving some goodies too but those are more up to Benjamin. I'll also probably get some novelty Boston things like postcards and shirts to send to him since he always sends me Hawaii gear. We're both so happy to be out of our small town in New Jersey, we take pride in our new homes.

For the sister gifts!

1. Hidden Treasure Beaded Necklace from Ruche. On sale for 5 bucks. Perfect little accessory for the beach
2. Japanese Cherry Blossoms Mini Journal from Ruche. My mom, sister, and I all have cherry blossom tattoos. We have a few matching ones together. She said during her last trip she wish she kept a journal to go along with photos she took and stuff. So, I picked out this 4 dollar mini journal she could keep in her purse to jot down her adventure when they're traveling to and from place to place. And, instead of reciting what she did the entire trip to everyone who asks, she could just be like, "Hey, read my travel journal!" I think it's a cool little gift.
3. Sister are Friends Forever floral mug from Ruche. I LOVE this. I almost kept it for myself. My sister is a big coffee drinker like I am and loves her big mugs. I also got her into drinking tea (yay, small victory! Benjamin is next) so it's a perfect tea cup. She'll be in Hawaii for over a month so I figured she could have her own mug at Dan's... and if she leaves it there instead of bringing it home, there will always be a little piece of me in Hawaii for when she visits. It'll also be a daily reminder to Dan of the lovely Gordon Sisters :)
4. Nibus Mesh Lined Panel Zip Hoodie from The Hempest. I got this for Sam, on sale, at the Hempest Store on Newbury Street in Boston. Except the one I got her has the colors reversed. Both of our favorite colors is purple, so it was hard to pack that away for her. But since they were on sale, I couldn't resist and got myself one too. Mine is dark green and light green, yay!
5. Wood Wood Printed Ontario Maxi Dress from Urban Outfitters. This I am NOT buying. My sister is 5'9 (3 inches taller than me!) and has super long legs and a beautiful shape. She would look so great in a maxi dress. Except, I want to make one for her! I love UO so much that I browsed their site for inspiration. If I keep up on my sewing lessons and work hard, I think I could make this next weekend or something. So there's a project... I'll of course be documenting the progress and posting a how-to!
6. Pretty Penny Racerback Striped Maxi Dress from Urban Outfitters. I'm not buying this either. Another maxi dress inspiration. I wanted two different styles to expand my skills, as well get some variety just in case one comes out absolutely horrible. They seem simple enough but we'll see how well I handle it.

I'll also of course be throwing in little things here and there like little bows (there's a lesson in the E-Course and Sam's favorite accessory of all time is bows), some of my favorite things, and whatever else I come across that makes me think of my little sister.

I'm excited to send packages back and fourth. Sam and I went from spending every waking second together in the summer to living across the... I don't even know... country? half way across the Pacific? ... from each other. We're 19 months apart. We're Irish Twins. This will help us be connected. We could remind each other that no matter how far, we're sisters, we're best friends, and we'll always be there for each other. Even when she's a couple time zones away (it's a 6 hour time difference... ah!)

Ben's sister, Lauren, also sent us a little thinking-of-you care package. Ben and I wanna put something for her together but we've been lazy. Though I did send her a subscription to Umba Box since I got one for myself. She's all the way in Chicago. Her and I will be able to bond over our monthly homemade goods. She is my ultimate motivation and inspiration... if anyone could be perfect it'd be Lauren. She's always so happy and the most approachable, loveable, energetic, genuine, and caring person that, I swear, you'll ever meet... and her talent, omg! Everything she makes is beautiful. I just love my boyfriend's family and I know they'll be my family one day as well :)

weekend means....

Friday. Yes.

I'm mostly excited because a) I get out of work early today, b) good friends are supposed to visit today, and c) I could finally start tackling some sewing projects! Weekend means my time.Well my time I get to spend with Benjamin. No schedule, no obligations, just time with my man filling in time as the weekend passes. But thankfully it's midterms for Ben in summer classes so that means he'll be studying this weekend which leaves me some quality time with my new sewing machine.

Some goals for the weekend are...

  • Order pictures from PostalPix App
  • Go to fabric store and get some nice fabrics
  • Do at least three lessons from the D.I.Y. Dress Up E-Course TWICE! (the first couple lessons are really simple just to feel out the sewing machine and get the basics down. I want to do the projects twice so I could keep the first product for myself, then make a second one, hopefully better crafted,  for my sister. I'm sending her a birthday/care package to Hawaii soon!)
  • Sketch some dress/skirt/tank designs in a sketch book
  • Think of 5 DIY Projects (I have three down so far!)
 I think these are pretty fair and doable by Sunday.

For today, I want to put together an inspiration post to get my creative thoughts flowing. I want to think about what I want to make, find similar things on the internet, and put together a little board of inspiration. I also want to put together a post of the things I ordered my sister/plan on making her. It'll mark my progress on my gift box and give me motivation to start putting together the handmade stuff. And if there is time... I want to put together another inspiration post to start re-doing my bedroom. Ben and I live together, but I have my own room. It's more like my giant closet. I have my vanity, dresser, a table and chair set, jewelry armoire and all my shoes, books, and everything else girls have. I sleep in his room and use half of his GIANT closet for all my dresses and nice clothes to be hung up. So this is completely my space to do as I wish. I love living this way. I think it's why we get along so well. We both have our own space and we're not on top of each other and we have little escapes. We're a perfect team together.

Time to get on with these inspiration posts!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrap Skirt

My wrap skirt! It's so simple, I made it in one night.. and this was my first time sewing ever! When I make the next one for my sister, I'll post the how to. But it was finally beautiful out in Boston and I was able to wear my 3 dollar skirt :)

It's perfect for the office or just hanging out, but I wouldn't suggest wearing it on a day where you're running around going from errand to errand. It has the tendency to ride up a little bit since it's only held in place by the tie. Today was the day I got a ride to work with the boys so I didn't have to walk to work (which is about a mile) in the skirt. After work today, I'm going grocery shopping for Benjamin and I so I brought shorts to change into after to shop comfortably then walk home. Walking to the grocery store from work then back to the apartment will result in a mile+ hike in the concrete jungle in this 100 degree weather with bags of groceries... oh, city living.


So last night I actually had trouble falling asleep because my mind was racing with what should I make first? what else can I sew besides clothes? what fabrics/materials are best for what kinds of clothes? and endless other questions that are probably easily answered, but no so much for me, the beginner. I was planning on going to Winmil Fabric in Chinatown, but their hours don't work out for me since I work a full time job. So, I'll have to wait for the weekend :( But Ben's parents are coming in this weekend and I'm sure Laurie would like to join me in the fabric store while Ben and his father, Bruno, are looking in collector's and antique shops. It would also be nice to have some company and it's another bonus that Laurie actually knows what she's doing and in my eyes, a professional haha.

There are some things needed.. or wanted... for purchase! The list...

 Exciting things!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Sewing Machine!!!!

I am so grateful. With my paycheck tomorrow morning, I was planning on buying myself a sewing machine to get my sewing projects started. Ben's parents were to visit tonight so we could go out to dinner, so I had one picked out on Amazon and was just going to run it by Ben's Mom, Laurie, to see if it was okay. When they got to our apartment, Ben's Dad walked in holding a box which turned out to be a sewing machine!!!! I was so excited! I couldn't believe Laurie bought this for me. It was so thoughtful and it makes me so happy that she's just as excited for me to learn as I am. It was great motivation and now I can finally stop talking about everything I'm going to do and now I could actually do it.

Tomorrow after work it's to the fabric store! Ben doesn't want me going alone but I'd rather do this trip solo. The last thing I need is him rushing me around when I'm trying to figure out what I want. Not only will I have trouble deciding what to choose, I also don't have any idea of what I'm doing. I'm mostly nervous about how much fabric to buy. I'd rather buy too much than too little but I'm also trying to save money here. I'm excited for this new shopping trip :)

As for Laurie's gifts, I got... (ignore the terribly quality of the picture. it was taken on my iPhone in my poorly lit room... or as Ben and I call it.. my cave)

a Brother LX2500 sewing machine!

a utility box filled with all the basic sewing tools


a pattern to learn how to read them, alter them, and see how to make my own! :) Also those are the two fabrics I got on sale at Joann's that Laurie taught me some basics last time Ben and I slept at their house.

I made a basic wrap skirt with the second pattern on the bottom. We couldn't find any fabrics in my size at the time (the smallest they make is a size 6... I'm a 0 or 2. sigh.) so we used a hemp wrap skirt my sister sent me from Hawaii as our pattern. It actually came out very nicely! I'll be making my sister her own skirt to wear in Hawaii as well some other things as I learn. I'll post a how-to on the wrap skirt I make in the next coming days :)

I also plan on purchasing this D.I.Y. Dress Up E-course from Red Velvet (which I got to via A Beautiful Mess blog). It has 17 sessions, each it's own project. You learn how to make things from bags, dresses, tops, and more; as well as alteration and make-your-own-pattern lessons. If you're interested, you better hurry! This e-course is only available for purchase until July 31st. Everyone who has purchased the course will still have access to it, but after July 31st no new purchases will be able to be made.

I'm also going to convince Benjamin to let me use his nice camera to take pictures :) He's very supportive of all my new found hobbies, or my want to make these hobbies work. I'm too excited. My mom even asked me to make her curtains. Can't wait! :)

What I want to do.

Here are a few projects I want to work on...

  • Project Life
  • Mini Paper Book Album
  • Two Scrapbooks : One for my Mom, one for Ben's Dad
  • My own summer clothes collection (one skirt down!)
  • Hemp bracelets (first one came out ehhhh...)
Is that too ambitious??? I really don't think so. I already started scrap book #1 for Mama Gordon... but so far its proven difficult. It's hard to design a layout for a page in a scrap book with no physical photos.. but it's also hard to choose which photos I want from my phone on the page. I knew there had to be a way to get my pictures from my handy iPhone to actual prints. I found out this great App, PostalPix. You choose what type of print you want (4x4, 5x5, 8x8 squares or the regular 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10) I have 53 5x7s chosen to print as well as 7 other prints and my total is $49.92. Not too bad for 60 photos and almost all 5x7s! Just have to wait for my paycheck to clear then considered it ordered. This is perfect to print out my artsy Instagram photos.

My next purchase will probably be photos for Project Life. It's supposed to be week-by-week but I figure I could skip a couple if they're uneventful or just get the written parts and decorative part out of the way while I order photos for a couple weeks at a time. That way, when they come, I could just slip them in their appropriate spot.

Tomorrow I also plan on ordering a sewing machine and external hard drive. I'm most excited about taking on sewing, so I can't wait to buy and have it shipped to my house. I've also been putting off getting an external hard drive since high school. I've already had my hard drive crap out on me twice and I just had to get my MacBook Pro's hard drive fixed from my school's techies. I was so glad they were able to save it, I'm done chancing it and finally breaking down and buying one. I'll thank myself later. Sigh.

about Victoria

Hopefully I could think of something a little more original than Victoria for the title of this blog. Oh well. It'll come to me. I was really just excited to get a couple posts up, see how the page looks, and customize the layout a little bit.

But, allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Victoria. I'm 20 years old, entering my junior of college at Wentworth Institute of Technology. I'm studying management and will have a concentration in either project leadership or entrepreneurship. I was born and raised in northern New Jersey but moved to Boston to go to WIT. I lived on campus for two years and just recently moved in with my boyfriend, Benjamin, and our friend Jack to a four bedroom apartment near campus. Right now I'm working full time on Co-Op at my school as a Research Analyst for the Office of Institutional Research.

I have a mother, Bernadette, and sister, Samantha whom I am very close with. Sam is actually flying out to Hawaii today (lucky, lucky girl!) to spend the better part of her summer with her boyfriend Dan. It's actually her second time flying out to Hawaii THIS YEAR so I'm a bit jealous. But, I have school and work, as does Ben. We'll make it out there one day. But otherwise, it's just my mom, my sister, and I. My father passed away almost 9 years ago. It was a horrible time in my life but I am thankful for the relationship and bond that I have with my mom and Sam. They're my best friends.

As for Ben, he's my other half. We've been together for almost 10 months and are very sure of our relationship. I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend.

That's me in a nutshell. My life is work/school, boyfriend, family... and I'm okay with that. I'm very happy in my life right now.

Hello there.

This isn't my first blog, but it is my first blogspot account. I was a loyal Tumblr user and endlessly scrolled through photos and reblogged my favorite eye candy. Though lately, I've been following lovely lifestyle, craft, and DIY blogs and got really inspired. My boyfriend's sister is also a SCAD graduate and their home is filled with scrapbooks and things she made and put together. His mother is also a sewing teacher and has taken the task of teaching me how to sew. I've already sewed my first skirt ^.^

I've just been doing a lot of the sitting around, browsing, and thinking "I should do something like that". I'm almost starting to overwhelm myself with little projects to start but it's really because I'm excited. Slowly, I'm accumulating the basics to start my new endeavors. Luckily I have my boyfriend's mother and sister for help and as resources.

I hope to see success out of this blog... not to be popular amongst readers but to actually find my inner creativity and do these projects and successfully document them. I want to make something out of nothing, decorate my home, document my little life, wear things I designed and made... it'll cost a little money now but I'll save later in the long run.

So that's what this is about. I hope it works.