Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Shorts Project!

So I've been on the search for high waisted cuffed shorts ALL summer.

That even sounds like an understatement.. Every time Ben and I passed Levi's on Newbury, I would check for shorts. I searched and searched and searched websites who sold Wildfox, trying to find the Jane Fonda shorts discounted (seriously they're perfect ahhh but I couldn't bring myself to pay 139 bucks for shorts... I did find them cheaper on a site, but they didn't have my size! >.<) Every single clothing store we went to that MIGHT have these shorts, I double and triple checked, and no luck.

This meant DIY!!!!

We have a HUGE Good Will near our apartment, and it's a favorite spot of mine. There are racks and racks of jeans. I just had to find the perfect pair. I was on the hunt and I found a pair of white Lucky Brand capris! They were size zero and in perfect condition and $6.99!!!! I tried them on and they fit perfect. I couldn't wait to cut them up!

Shout out to the sewing machine in the background :p

But they came out pretty good!!! I wanted them to be a bit longer because when you walk around a lot they ride up and they're just more comfortable a little longer.

Here's how I did it :

First I put them on. I didn't want to decide where to cut without seeing them on. Then I thought about how short (or long) I wanted them to be with the cuff. I was going to roll them up twice, So I added about two inches for each cuff. Then I drew a line with a pencil about half an inch longer than that.

Then I folded them in half (to make sure I cut each pant even) and cut across. Then I put them back on. The trick is, you could always keep cutting, but you can't make it longer. So then I cuffed them. I decided these were still too long and made a mark where to cut. I took them off, cut and put them back on. This time they were perfect! I had Ben make a line on the back of the shorts where the cuff ended so just incase they became unrolled, I still knew where to sew them.

I pinned them accordingly then went to sew!

The picture is a little difficult to see but it'll do. On the sides of the shorts, where the seem was showing, I decided is where I would sew. I flipped the seem the opposite way way and sewed right next to the factory stitching. I stitched and reverse stitched a few times. When I was done, I just flipped it back over! You couldn't even notice!

Next, I ironed them so they'd stay stiff and gain shape. I wasn't satisfied with how they were sewn, I felt that they wouldn't survive a wash. Then I decided to sew just a littttttle bit on the bottom of the cuff near the seem on the sizes and crotch of the shorts.

I stitched and reverse stitched from the seem to about an inch and a half out. This way it held the cuff where it'd get the most movement and since I sewed it on the bottom, you couldn't notice at all. It was perfect because the small stitch held the shape of the shorts and cuff and since it was sewn on the bottom, the top looked completely normal!

I love my new shorts! I can't wait to get a black pair and a light and dark wash jean. After I hair a pair of each, I'll probably do some fun stuff like adding fabrics and other things to my shorts :) yay!

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