Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY Flower Canvas Project

It's pretty awesome that I've been getting consistent page views the past few days. Usually I'd gain one or two when I made a new post... but now I feel like the number is different every time I log onto my dashboard. So exciting!! Thank you, thank you for visiting my space and seeing what I had to say.

I got all of the things I wanted to get done yesterday, and then some! So happy!

Yesterday I took on a little crafting project! Which I adapted from here.

I wanted to use my bigger canvas for some map transferring, so I used my medium sized canvas and made a simpler and smaller pattern.

Before I glued! I cut out some bigger sized petals and smaller sized petals out of some scrapbooking paper. I decided on a design and then put it on another piece of paper the exact way and started gluing!

And it's finished! Doesn't look too much different, ahaha. But it's okay. It may be upside down but what's awesome is that it could go any way you want! It'd even work if I held it landscape.

For this project, I used
  • Utrecht Gloss Medium (instead of Mod Podge)
  • Different kinds of scrapbooking paper
  • Scissors
  • Utrecht Foam Brush (disposable, use a size proportional to your canvas
  • Utrecht Stretched Cotton Canvas (any size you'd like! I bought a few when they were on sale at the store so I had a couple to chose from. I can't remember it's exact size at the moment D: )
  • Utrecht acrylic paint
First I painted the background to my canvas using Utrecht acrylic paint. You could use any color that you'd like! I used Ben's old paint, and this was the only color he had, which completely worked for me.  I liked the neutral background and it looked good with my darker scrapbooking paper.

Then I cut out my petals. I used four different papers, but all from the same packet of paper (it was a gift so I don't know where it was purchased or the name of the brand, sorry!) and cut different sized petals. I played with the positioning for awhile.

After I got everything where I wanted it to be, I took a piece of paper and placed my pieces one by one to the other paper so I could easily glue them on place on the canvas. I also took a picture of how everything was positioned (obviously) so if something got messed up, I still had my plan in handy.

Then I glued! I used the gloss medium like glue. It also works as a sealer. I placed all my petals in their spots and waited a few minutes for them to settle. After, I painted a layer of the gloss over the entire canvas to seal it in place. Then I let it dry!

That's it!

I can't wait to decorate my room with my own decor :p

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