Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Loving: My new Vera Bradley purse! My mom wanted to buy me a little gift so when she saw the Vera Bradley store in the Prudential Center, she told me to pick out a tote bag. SO EXCITING! I totally love it and love that it's big enough to fit my laptop and all other essentials and that I don't have to lug my giant, unflattering Wentworth backpack around anymore.

sooososososo pretty!!! What's really awesome is that this was the LAST bag in this print. Even if I wanted the bag in a different style, nope too bad. It was the very last of this print in the store. That made me feel special :) and!! This print is their Breast Cancer Awareness bag and 10% of the sale goes towards breast cancer research. How awesome is that? That's like a triple win!

Reading: I just started Lolita. But I haven't gotten very far.... I'll keep you updated

Watching: The Olympics! This is the first year I've ever really watched or kept up with or cared about the Olympics. My favorite events (that I've seen!! I only watch when I'm not busy) to watch are the synchronized diving and gymnastics. I really would like to see some badminton, table tennis, and basketball though!

Anticipating: Tomorrow. Pay day!! I have a few things on my list to purchase...

Listening to: Everyone eating lunch. I'm about to get mine and meet with Benjamin :)

Planning: My night. I get out early today (3:00, yes!) So I have a bunch of free time tonight!

Working on: Since I finished my flower canvas project I could start a new one! I got some Lucky Brand white jeans when I went thrifting. Tonight they are becoming high wasted cuffed shorts. YES!!!!

Wishing: My mom was still here. I had such a good time with her and it's always too long before I get to see her again. I miss her!

Updates, updates, updates. Ah! But I'm finally being productive and getting my things together. I'm a crafty lady now :)

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