Friday, August 3, 2012

a little (long) Friday update!

I was doing good with my posts and updates until yesterday!

Yesterday I was busy nonstop at work! I was able to fit in my shorts project only cause my boss was giving me a little break since he was on lunch and I was gonna have lunch right after him.

I also spent sometime with an old girlfriend yesterday! That was fun :) Then Ben's parents came in for a late dinner after Ben's night class and we went out to P.F. Chang's where I got this inspiring fortune:

I get the BEST fortunes from there! I am definitely passionate and determined about my vision :)

We got home late and I went straight to bed after. So here is my late update!

My calendar was rearranged! But of course I must rearrange it again. Today I'm gonna leave some days open, so if I miss a day then I don't have to completely change everything, every time. Also to plan to do something every day is a little much, considering I work full time and want a little bit of a life outside my craft room :P

I made two goals!! Make dinner twice a week and Read a Book. I made dinner once this week, so that's halfway done. I made broccoli cheddar soup, rice, and chicken. I prepared them all seperately and then layered the soup, rice, and chicken in a pan and baked it for 25 minutes. It was okkaayyy. The soup was from a packet and the rice was instant so I feel if I actually made it homemade, it would be really good! My standard for cooking dinner twice a week is to make something with meat, chicken, ground beef, ground turkey beef, anything with protein like that. Of course I make dinner for us every night, it's just that sometimes it's a pizza (frozen, ordered, or made), breakfast-for-dinner night, or we just make some mac and cheese. We just eat too much like college kids. We're getting older and the time to start making the food changes and good eating habits is now. And read a book is pretty loose... I just want to finish a book. I used to read sososoo much and always be in the book store picking out books. I need to get back into the reading habit again and will be happy with myself if I just get one book read!

My PostalPix order was shipped yesterday! That means I could do some scrap booking next week, yay! I will also be starting me and Ben's personal scrapbook :)

Which reminds me...  I have a shopping cart ready to be checked out for Project Life on Amazon. Except, I'm still waiting for the core kits to be available! I have my clear packets picked out (1, 2 and 3) and I already know what binder and set I want (I think I'm gonna go with the clementine :) buuuut maybe amber?! probably amber...) I really can't wait until I could check out on that order. Maybe I should order the clear packets just to be safe. We'll see. I really can't wait to start it!! I think I may have to invest in a photo printer for this... hmmmm

All my financial aid is set for the fall. Such a relief!

Since I majorly slacked in picture taking this weekend from Bernadette's visit, the same went for Instagram pictures. I only had a few, and just decided to skip the update this week and put the few pictures of last week's Instagram photos with next week's. Whatever haha.

I have done nothing to change the blog, whatsoever. I've really been meaning to! But, work comes first. Perhaps today! My Fridays are usually easy :)

Alex moves in this weekend which is super exciting. And we talked to our landlord yesterday and she told us she had no problem signing a lease for the next year! YAY!!! Now we don't have to worry about moving out until next summer, andddd I want to ask if we could get a kitten :) Awwww it'll be me and Ben's first run as parents :P

Wellll that's about it for this length update! More posts to come today, I'm sure :)


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