Friday, August 3, 2012

Etsy Wants!

I tried my hand at photoshop today at work. I spent some time in the library playing around with Photoshop and made this of my most wanted Etsy products right now!

I'm trying hard to decorate my room. Ben's room is so full of all things he likes and collects and it's so him. My room is getting there, but my walls are bare! I can't take it. I've been searching for prints and decor, and these are my favorites!

I don't really know how to explain it, but if I were to hang something up, I want there to be more than one. I guess I like repetition? or like how you could make it into a pattern, I really don't know, whatever the case, I don't like it to be single.

I could buy everything from Liz Clements' Etsy shop. I absolutely LOVE!!! her illustrations. The four I have there are

  1. Bluejay
  2. We Not Me
  3. Cry Me a River
  4. Fearless
I think the first one I'd buy would be We Not Me. They're all to die for.

Next is the hooks! These will probably be the first purchase overall. I'm scoping my funds this weekend and plan on making the buy soon! I love the pair and how they're gold and gawky and tarnished.

And the owl set. This is so precious! I love how there is 8 of them, and depending on my money situation, I'll probably order these too. I think they're so adorable and love how each of them are a little different. I'd love to hang these throughout my room.

Hopefully if I keep this up (new feature perhaps?!) my Photoshop skills will improve. Not terrible for the first time trying to use the program on my own. :)

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