Monday, July 23, 2012

Insta Post!

My third Instagram post!
Nicely on time :)

1. Tyler, the Creator. I cannot stop listening to him or Odd Future. Say what you will but.... he's too good!
2. Flowers outside of Wentworth
3. Late night selfie :p
4. Selfie at work!
5. Watermelon mmm!
6. Finally cooking the Striper I caught last weekend in the Cape!
7. Breaded and fried and butter with mac and cheese on the side. oh god was it good.
8. Dillan challenged Benjamin to a game of darts, if Dillan won, we went out for ice cream
9. DILLAN WON!!!! :)
10. Mint chocolate chip Clif bar!!
11. Cutting up VIP Commencement tickets
12. Our back deck. Surrounded by other houses.
13. My Massachusetts driver's license came! Gross picture but still :)
14. Our friend is a glass blower, well he's learning. When he visited Friday he brought me this glass pendant :) Love it!!! and him!!!
15. Hanging in the industrial design shop with Ben, gotta wear protective glasses of course!
16. One of Ben's hobbies. He catches butterflies and insects and pins them to preserve them. Then he's gonna mount them. I love my nature boy!
17. Part of my canvas art includes state art! Got all the states represented in my little family. Gonna try transferring map images to canvases! 
18. Johnny Cupcakes billboard "Do More of what Makes You Happy" I agree :)
19. Had some bananas getting to brown, so Ben begged me to make banana bread. It's delicious if I do say so myself!
20. Started this morning with some Bolthouse Mocha Cappuccino and a Black and Mild Filtered Tip. It was a good morning.

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