Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sewing Has Commenced!

Such a great weekend so far and it's not even over! I'm being productive and also spending quality time with friends and family.

So hmmm!!! What could this be?!?!

The sewing adventures have started! My little station is all set up in my room...

Thanks to Ben's Dad, Bruno, he got me a desk to set up my sewing machine (we only have high tables and chairs in our apartment for some reason) I can't wait to personalize this space and making it my own. I want to get a floor lamp so I can maximize the space on my desk. I also want to make a backboard so you don't see the white wall or wires behind. Yay! Summer Project right there! :)

I also got some fabrics! I absolutely fell in love with these two prints. I could of gone crazy with prints, but I also wanted a solid color to make everyday tanks and stuff like that... so my fabrics..

AHHH!!! the first fabric, the pink one, is going to be a pair of flow-y shorts and a summer dress. The mint green is to be tanks and other things and the last fabric is for a pair of a more fitted short. They're from the same pattern so if I could do one, I should be able to do the other.

I got a girl children's top and romper pattern for a dollar at the store. Laurie and I thought it would be good to read a pattern and adjust its size on something I don't care about. Thankfully I'm pretty small so we didn't have to adjust a child's size 6 that much (only had to add 2 1/4 inches to the width of the pattern) It's more of just a practice run I did on Laurie's old fabrics she doesn't need. She brought me a bag full of scraps to mess around like that and she also brought me a bunch of squares and fabrics to learn how to quilt and to try and make my own.

So far, it's frustrating. Once I get down the technique of holding the fabric, pinning, ironing and overall just how to handle the fabric, I feel like I'll be unstoppable with sewing. Right now I just take a lot of "breaks" because I get a little aggravated with myself when I just can't get a step right or when I just can't get the fabric to feel comfortable in my hands. But, every time I start on my new step and sew the next piece, it comes out better than the last. Sewing is the easy part. The hard part is everything else. I can't wait until it becomes natural to me so I can bust out some work.

Today Ben and I are going to a friend's graduation party. After that, it's sewing time! Hopefully I could get another post in today about my progress :)

Yay! Take Care.

xx V

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