Monday, June 25, 2012


So I have some pictures from my day yesterday! I just have to upload them to my Mac. Once I get those all uploaded, I'll publish the post and you could see my little day on the farm.

But, an update! On Friday I made a post talking about some of my goals for the weekend. I didn't think I'd be as busy as I was so I kind of majorly slacked... I did think about them all weekend though. And thought about how I wasn't doing them... sigh.

  • Order pictures from PostalPix App   CHECK!
  • Go to fabric store and get some nice fabrics    CHECK!
  • Do at least three lessons from the D.I.Y. Dress Up E-Course TWICE! (the first couple lessons are really simple just to feel out the sewing machine and get the basics down. I want to do the projects twice so I could keep the first product for myself, then make a second one, hopefully better crafted,  for my sister. I'm sending her a birthday/care package to Hawaii soon!)    Ugh. Didn't do ANY. Like I said, I was really busy :(
  • Sketch some dress/skirt/tank designs in a sketch book    Well... I put the sketch book on my sewing table...
  • Think of 5 DIY Projects (I have three down so far!)      I thought of one more, making that four!
Okay, not that bad!!

Today, I'm going to try and do one or two lessons of the E-Course after I finish my trial-adjusted-children's-pattern-shirt. and that's after I get out of work at 5, and after I make dinner for Benjamin and I, and after I finish cleaning my room and then the living room so I could clean the bathroom and kitchen tomorrow.

Ah! Busy Busy. The first lessons in the course are so easy that I'm sure I'll bust them out easily once I'm in the groove. I NEED to finish those three things today, that way I could start fresh with new goals tomorrow.

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