Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrap Skirt

My wrap skirt! It's so simple, I made it in one night.. and this was my first time sewing ever! When I make the next one for my sister, I'll post the how to. But it was finally beautiful out in Boston and I was able to wear my 3 dollar skirt :)

It's perfect for the office or just hanging out, but I wouldn't suggest wearing it on a day where you're running around going from errand to errand. It has the tendency to ride up a little bit since it's only held in place by the tie. Today was the day I got a ride to work with the boys so I didn't have to walk to work (which is about a mile) in the skirt. After work today, I'm going grocery shopping for Benjamin and I so I brought shorts to change into after to shop comfortably then walk home. Walking to the grocery store from work then back to the apartment will result in a mile+ hike in the concrete jungle in this 100 degree weather with bags of groceries... oh, city living.

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