Monday, June 25, 2012

Farm Life

I had such a good weekend! I was able to spend time with Benjamin, his family, and friends. His friend was having a graduation party so we were able to spend some time out of the city. Ben and I are both from small towns (his much much smaller than mine!) so we enjoy the getaway from the city. His friend's family has a farm so the graduation party was there. We celebrated, ate fresh fruit, enjoyed the beautiful weather and the simple life.

I can't believe Ben will be graduating this year and me the year after! Almost in the real world... but for now..



We took an ATV tour around the farm, so beautiful!
1. The farm
2. Benjamin standing in the bed of the ATV
3. Adam grabbed these flowers for me as we were driving :)
4. Going up the hill...
5. The top of the hill. Such an amazing view!
6. Going to the cows...
7. Loved how the just stared at us :) 

Caught frogs...

Saw some animals, the sheep were so fluffy :) Clearly they were my favorite. I didn't take any pictures of the cows, pigs, or chickens in their pens.. whoops! :P


and some of the fruit we had! They had trays of fresh fruit and then there were bushes all around the property of wild fruit. The first bush of blueberries we found weren't ready, but then when we found the ripe ones, we ate them all before I could snap some pictures. But I did get to pick cherries straight from the tree and bring them home :)

We got home so late I wasn't able to work on any of my projects :(

BUT! My room was in pieces and a complete disaster from all my new goodies that I cleaned and organized instead. Can't wait to post a picture of my space when I finish it all up :)

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