Friday, July 13, 2012

Scrapbooking Adventure 1

Last night I scrapbooked!!!

I started the scrapbook I'm making for my Mom. I ended up making 5 pages last night! And I actually used up all the photos I ordered from PostalPix that were for my Mom's scrapbook. So, I couldn't even continue if I wanted :)

I have pictures on my phone, but they don't do justice. I'll leave them up for now, and I'll replace them with better quality photos later this weekend.

Page 1 : Family
I really like how this page came out! I used PostalPix's 4x4 prints for these. I cut the tops off of my Mom's photo (left), the sides on my Sister's (right), and two corners off of my photo (bottom) I used some scrap fabric I had to help decorate. It's a pink floral :) I have our names written by our photos Bernadette is Mom, Samantha is sister, and I'm Victoria. I also have the date and occasion of the photo (Bernadette just learned how to use the gas pump in Massachusetts, her and my sister were moving me out of school and we're from Jersey and Jersey girls don't pump gas!! and the two other photo's are from Sam's 18th Birthday dinner at Outback) The stickers are also significant, too. We all have swallow tattoos because of their traditional loyalty and love meaning, so there are two swallows next to family. Sam and I also have matching rose tattoos, so I have the rose in the corner, and my mom loves stars and has a few little tattoos of those so I have stars on the page as well.

Page 2 and 3 : Gigi
So, as I'm sure many of you can relate, our dog was our best friend. Gigi was my Mom's companion. After Sam and I left for college, my mom was all by herself and Gigi was really her best friend. It was heartbreaking when my mom had to put her down, Sam and I couldn't even be with her, and I told my mom I was gonna make her a scrapbook, and she made me promise I'd put a Gigi page in. In the corner, it says "and we can't forget.. the baby jesus!" (this has NO religious affiliation, whatsoever. One time my mom was going to call Gigi, Baby Gigi, but she somehow said Jesus instead. I guess the whole juh sound threw her off. She just said "Oh my... I can't believe I just called our dog Baby Jesus." It was one of the funniest things ever. Either way, it's always been an inside joke and somehow became one of the many nicknames we had for Gigi) Then on the opposite page, it has her date of birth and date of rest. These are some of the best pictures I had on of her on my iPhone. She was a cockapoo and was 12 years old. Love you, Gigi! Miss you always <3

Page 4 and 5 : Ortley Beach Vacation Summer 2011
Us three LOVE the beach... and growing up in Jersey, we were spoiled with the Jersey Shore. Say what you will, but it's beautiful. Go anywhere but Seaside Heights and I promise you won't be let down. Every summer we'd rent a house for the week and just hang out and be beach bums. Friends would always drive down and stay for a night or just meet at the boardwalk and walk down the beach at night. There's nothing better. I really like how this page came out, too. I wish I had more photos of us dts (down the shore!) but this is what had to do. The writing on the top left page says, "Gordon Vacation. Ortley Beach 2011" The stickers on the left page say, (top left of page) "BEACH", then (middle of page) "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much" and then (bottom of page) "Simplify". The stickers on the right page say, (top right) "Life is Good at the Beach" and then (bottom left of page) "R E L A X" each letter a different font. This is the first year we didn't take this vacation. I wish I had the time to give up a week and sit on the beach. I sure took that for granted!

And there's my first couple pages of scrapbooking, ever! I'm pretty proud with myself! I really can't complain with the outcome. Though, I am going to order 4x6s instead of 5x7s next time. I love the 5x7, but they're a little hard to work with. I just don't want to end up cutting down most of the photo to fit somewhere when I could of cut way less of a 4x6, and pay less. I'll keep 5x7s for frames for now on. I guess that's my only little thing about this. Oh, and I need to invest in plain colored paper. And some more glue and fancy scissors. Other than that, I am content!! I can't wait to order more pictures and keep at this for my mom. Only 2 weeks until she flies in!

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