Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Loving: This week. Ben and I have been stressed lately and this week we've been good and patient with each other. We too easily let one of our blah moods ruin the other's good one. It's just because one of us isn't happy, we get frustrated and get ourselves in a shitty mood.. But this week we've been good. Lots of loving, talking, communicating. Ben is applying for Co-Op jobs for next semester, so I know how terrible it could be. And he's a design major, so he has his portfolio. Being a management major, I just make sure my black and white resume is full. And not to mention, MY MOM FLIES IN THIS WEEK!!!! I haven't seen her in awhile so I'm super excited to spend some quality time with my momma dukes!

Reading: Does Cosmopolitan count? I have been slacking on my reading game, ah! But I really have a couple on my list to read...if I could jussssstttt start them. Once I start reading, I'll be glued. It's just the actual motivation to go do it. Haha.

Watching: Project Runway! The new season just premiered last week and the next episode is on tomorrow night. So far I really like Christopher, Sonjia, Dmitry, Fabio, and Gunnar's designs. Too early to pick favorites based on personality. But I've also been watching a lot of movies lately! I've been watching the Grindhouse movies, Rob Zombie movies, and a few other older ones like Trainspotting and Secretary. As you can see I don't enjoy your typical romantic comedy....

Anticipating: Bernadette's visit!!! Bernadette is my mom. I have definantely reffered to her as "mom" the most on this blog. When I was younger, I just started to call my mom Bernadette. She kept telling me, "Call me 'Mom'!!!" But then I just told her "Call me daughter, then" I just love my mom's name and how unique and original it is and I just love it! But her visiting is all I could talk and think about. I miss my mommy so much!

Listening to: The clock tick.... 45 minutes until I'm out of work!!! 

Planning: To be SUPER productive and get my little calendar on the right track! I'm not gonna let myself slack on the first day! I'll be seriously angry with myself if I slack on this one...

Working on: Planning, planning, planning. I seriously just had toooooo many ideas. Not that that's a bad thing! I just have so much I want to do and experiment with, I needed some organization and order. Now I'm ready to start tackling some projects one at a time and on a reasonable schedule. Yes!

I could make these new habits real and be a better, more organized person who actually does all the things they plan and promise themselves :)

All this talk and no work!! I can't wait to get out of work and be my new productive self.

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