Monday, July 16, 2012


I took SO many Instagram photos this week! So here's my weekly Instagram post! (Last week I mentioned I wanna do two features, with Instagram posts as one. The other being a what-I-wore type thing, But I'm still working out how I want to go about that. Check here)

1. My desk at work! Can't believe Co-Op is over half way done
2. Watermelon Arizona. Summer guilty pleasure mmmm!
3. Stuffing Commencement invitations
4. Commencement Invitation
5. Jelly Doughnut
6. The lady I work with is from Brazil and she always gives me Brazilian candies and treats. This one was a salted peanut butter thing. It reminded me of the peanut butter from a Reece's, except there were some peanuts in it and it was a little more salty. So delicious!!!!
7. Watermelon Strawberry Nantucket Nectars, yesss :)
8. Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade. I sipped on this while the boys played darts and drank beer on Thursday night.
9. Empty Wentworth hallway during the summer semester
10. Homemade bracelet I got from my Umba Box this month
11. Orange Line T map. Going from Ruggles to Chinatown
12. Converting my New Jersey license to a Massachusetts license. Now I'm officially a Massachusetts resident... kind of weird.
13. Pattern laid out to cut for Sam's dress
14. The Triton!
15. Out on the ocean
16. Brian caught a stingray before he caught a striper. Probably one of my favorite pictures of all time. That's the stingray's mouth and nose, but it looks like a little face. He look so happy, so funny!
17. A giant hermit crab was caught in the lobster trap. I wanted him as a pet so bad!
18. Lobsters in the trap
19. Measuring lobster size, one lobster, a couple lobster... 16 lobster!!!
20. Relaxing on the front of the boat
21. On the way home, Ben took us out for ice cream. He's the best. I got a banana ice cream cone and that's Tony's Snickers ice cream with chocolate sprinkles on top. Nothing makes me happier when Ben takes me out for ice cream haha

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