Thursday, July 12, 2012


I feel like I haven't had time to myself in days! So I need a little venting time. This is a Victoria post :)

Since Ben and I spent the weekend away, it's been hard to get back into the swing of things. Monday and Tuesday I had little motivation to do anything because I was so behind on sleep and I actually had so much to do around the house that it just made me want to do nothing.

I work until 5 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays, so after I get home, I usually make something to eat for Ben and I, we watch an episode of whatever show we're watching (currently we're on Season 4 of Dexter, Ben has never seen it, ah!) and then I shower, get my things ready for the next day, and then it's 9:30ish and the last thing I want to do is start a project or start cleaning the apartment. When I work on things I like to spend as much time as I want on it, with room for breaks for regrouping and inspiration. I like to go to bed early, too.

That's the other problem, I'm the morning person and Ben is the night owl. So usually, we spend the time between chores and bed hanging out and bonding because he could stay up after I go to bed and have his time and do his homework and take care of his little projects. It's actually kind of nice, cause then on the weekends, I could get up before he's totally awake and clean and shower and relax and have my coffee at a more reasonable 10 AM instead of after noon.

Yesterday being Wednesday, I finally got to clean. Since our other roommate, Jack, was away for the entire week of 4th of July, and it was just Ben and I until the weekend, the apartment stayed pretty clean until we all came back on Sunday. And, since I spent my free time cleaning yesterday... I had no time to work on projects. Sigh. It's okay, I have tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night. But not Sunday!

Sunday Ben and I were invited out on a boat with friends. Our friend lives in Cape Cod, Mass and has a boat. She invited us with her boyfriend and another mutual couple out for a fishing trip and out to hang out on an island for the day. I'm only used to the Jersey Shore so I can't wait! Ben also loves to fish so he's excited. I'm also happy I could spend some time with some girls and catch up on my tan. Sunday should be so much fun.

Well hopefully I'll have some crafty news to share in the next coming days :)

xx V

P.S., On Monday, I got my first UMBA BOX!!!! Yes!! I got Ben's sister and I both subscriptions to Umba Box. Seriously best idea ever. We got homemade bracelets and stationary. I already sent my mom a little letter and have been wearing the bracelet. Can't wait for next month!!!
               Edit: Click here if you would like to see the July Umba Box reveal!

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