Monday, July 2, 2012

the past weekend and the week ahead...

So it's been a couple days since I've updated this, but it's only because I've been so busy! With work, home chores, AND sewing! So exciting!

Friday I got to leave work early and be with Benjamin for the weekend. Nothing better. Quality time with my man is always my favorite. A few friends came by to visit which is always nice. I also made a bunch of bows and practiced sewing and reorganized my room and work space.

Saturday I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. Living with two guys has it's benefits... as well as set backs. I do better with the male population so living with Jack and Ben is easy. No cat fights, no missing girl products, guys are also willing to take out the garbage... but cleaning is not on their benefit list. I always try to dedicate a day or a solid couple of hours to cleaning so I could do a decent job. Jack is also gone on vacation to his house in Maine so he's gone until the 13th, so that left room to clean and for the apartment to stay clean, at least for a little longer than usual. After my cleaning spree, I rewarded myself with some quality sewing time and made even more bows and my sister's wrap skirt!! Yayayay!! I have a how-to post all ready to go, I just need to fill in some final details when I get home. Ben and I also made pizza together for dinner :) I love when we make things together, my favorite!

I put some meatballs on my half :)

Sunday Ben and I spent some time with his parents and then finished out the weekend at home. I sewed and started a new lesson from the E-Course. I'm really loving my new hobby. Ben's mom also bought me more patterns! I'm nervous to try them out and make something like a pair of shorts, but she assured me it's not too difficult and if I mess up, I have a seem ripper. And she's right. So I'll be taking that on this week.


MY PHOTOS CAME FROM POSTALPIX!!! Sooo so happy with this purchase! They came at some point over the weekend. I can't wait to get on my scrap booking game. Hopefully I could make two scrap books before the summer ends. Well, COMPLETE one, and have one in the works by the end of the summer. One being for my mother, and one for Benjamin and I. But then at the end of the summer I want to start Project Life. I debated on waiting until the new year or not, but so far, because of school, my years have begin in September and ended on August. When the new year comes around, it's just winter break for me. So since this is a week to week project about me and my life, I think it's appropriate for it to start at the end of August. It'll be the start of my Junior year and beginning of the better part of my life. I can't wait.

As for this week...

Only two days of work! Then time to celebrate the 4th of July. I'll be going to Ben's parents house. His sister is flying in from Chicago with her boyfriend for the long weekend and a party. I haven't met her boyfriend yet so I'm excited. I also can't wait to spend the weekend on the boat in the lake! Since I've been working full time, I barely feel like it's summer, so I'm itching to be in a bathing suit and soak up the sun. Hopefully I'll have lots of photos to share with you as well as enough to make a 4th of July scrap book page!! I just keep thinking about a year from now, five years from now, and even longer. I can't wait to look back at all this stuff. I'm constantly thinking of what can be a good page or concept and just love this new part of my brain opening up.

Check back for the wrap skirt post soon! Hope someone tries :)

OOOO!! and yesterday was the 1st, which means, my Umba Box should be coming soon! I really can't wait to open that up and get my goodies. I'll be sharing that too, of course!

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