Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was a bad girl :(
I didn't do either of my two plans last night... BUT! For a good reason!!!

So I live with my boyfriend and our friend Jack in an apartment. The least ends August 31st, and we're going to have to resign soon for the next year. Except, Jack told us he's moving back home! So the roommate search has been on. One of Ben's friend's from home, Alex, is looking to move to Boston and has been applying to jobs here and we offered him the open spot in our apartment. So yesterday, he had a job interview in the city, and he called us when we were done with class/work and asked if he could come over and see the apartment and hang out for a little bit. As much as I wanted to clean and do my project.... we need a roommate too. We hung out just talking about the area and this and that, and then Ben had this idea to take Alex and I to the Arboretum at Harvard's canvas to do some butterfly catching. The first time Ben went butterfly catching in his hometown, Alex went with him. The second time Ben went butterfly catching was at the Arboretum with his friend Rob. I didn't get to go to either of the outings, so Ben wanted to bring us both there since we haven't been. How could I not go?! It was a beautiful day out and I couldn't stand the thought of them hanging out outside, especially in the Arboretum and not just around Boston, while I was sitting inside!! Ben's friend Rob also came with us cause he couldn't deny the Arboretum either! Then when we got back we were starving! We dropped off Rob and then Ben, Alex, and I got pizza and then went for ice cream. My old friend was working at the ice cream shop and ended up giving us three free ice cream. That was a sign I was right to go.. right?!? Plus I did so much walking and exercising and climbing!!

I have photos at least :)

Today after work FOR REAL I'm doing work. Making up for lost time. I actually had a guilty conscience the entire time I was there.. but I almost never go out and do things like that. Life happens. How crazy would I sound if I said I couldn't go because I couldn't cheat on my schedule? :P

1. Alex and Rob scoping out the butterflies
2. Blonde hair and Toms!
3. Mmmm. What a treat it is to see trees instead of buildings
4. Flowers :)
5. Rob and Alex both caught these GIANT wasps!
6. Putting it in the jar...
7. SO BIG!
8. Safely in the jar!
9. I was hoping a little coon would stick his head out of here
10. Ben stalking his prey
11. Alex and Rob on the hunt
12. Pretty rocks
13. Pretty bridge and the boys

It was for the sake of potential roommate bonding :)

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