Monday, July 16, 2012

Cape Cod

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent the day in Cape Cod with my boyfriend and two of our other couple friends. Our friend Marie lives in Orleans, and her dad has a Charter boat. He took us out on the ocean and we went fishing for striper. I caught the biggest one!! All by myself!! It was 31 inches. I was so happy. After, we pulled up Marie's Dad's lobster pots and got 16 lobsters! After this, we took the boat to an island only accessible to people who have their own boats and grilled on the beach and walk around and explored.

I have some pictures from the trip, but Ben has the best ones from his camera. Whenever he gets those to me I'll update the post and add them, but for now, here are some of my pictures from our trip :)

My Benjamin

Brian fishing

Tony's fish

The line covered in baby clams

This is a pregnant lobster. Ew.

Sand dollar that got caught in the trap :)

Before the cooler was full

Found this lil baby crab on the beach :) It's dead though :(

Seriously had the best time yesterday. Can't wait till I get Ben's picture and I could post pictures of my holding my fish!!!!

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